An 8 minute acquaintance – a reminder that it’s OK to not be OK…

My guest blogger, Kathy, wears many hats, one of which is that of an Uber driver. She opts to drive in the late hours of the night and wee hours of the morning in order to escape the mad traffic of L.A. This night one of her passengers reminds her of her own occasional pangs of loneliness. Rather than fight it, or try to push it away, she realizes, yes, it is tough to deal with sometimes. But, she can still have a struggle and be OK at the same time.


Sometimes we see a person who reminds us of a person inside of us. We can instantly write their story because we give them our story. We can see their vulnerabilities, their sorrow, their loneliness because we are seeing our own. It is not always a sad thing. It might be sometimes. But, when we can look at it, touch it, see that it is there, it loses it’s power. And it is just there. And it can be OK.

I can be troubled and OK at the same time. Where I see it being a problem is if I ever pretend that everything is always OK. I take strength from acknowledgement of my challenges – some I can overcome, some will take some work, some will never be won. And, it’s OK.

Read “An 8 Minute Acquaintence” at her blog, Hey Go Momma.


Kathy is the keep of a blog called "Hey Go Momma", a glimpse into the life of a wacky 60 year old lady who should know better, but rocks the boat anyway. It's still a wonderful journey w/ups, downs & sideways! Ramblings, as she says, from "this crazy old broad, (yours truly), and her unique lens through which she see life."

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