Bible Journaling

Beginning to Journal

Journaling, it isn’t something you hear a lot of people doing anymore. In a day in age where blogging is the hottest thing, taking out a pen and paper to write manually is almost unheard of, doesn’t that take too much time when we can type so much faster? Maybe, but, the benefits can sometimes outweigh the time issue that is involved.

Bible Journaling

Sure, I love blogging. I am a blogger and I believe blogging has benefits that are quite similar to that which I receive from journaling, but journaling is a bit more private for me, and thus still appropriate for me to engage in because quite frankly I won’t share everything on my blog. A blog, after all, is almost permanent and can be read by almost anyone who has access to the Internet and the savvy to search for you.

Journaling only the other hand is just as easy, if not easier than blogging. With journaling, you can talk freely, through the written word without fear or reservation. You can scrawl in handwriting commonly known as chicken scratch where it is almost illegible but can be therapeutic in benefits to you. What it looks like doesn’t matter, grammar doesn’t matter. Honestly, it doesn’t even matter if it makes good sense. It is for your benefit and your benefit only. So, what you write frankly does not matter. What does matter is that you write? That you allow the feelings, thoughts, and emotions that you feel in your heart and mind to be released onto paper.

With journaling, the most important thing is that you do it. You just start writing really, it is as simple as that. Write about how you feel, write about what you are worried about, write about what you hope to accomplish, or what you wish you could do or be. Write about anything and everything in your life.

Share your prayers, your hopes, your dreams, write letters to yourself or record letters to God. There are so many options and the process can leave you feeling so much better you will definitely want to do it again.

That’s why journaling is a bit addictive. Once you start, most likely, you won’t want to stop. You will begin to fill journal after journal excited about the possibilities of filling those stark white pages with print. It will become a hobby, a true pastime that you continue to enjoy for many years.

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