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Book Review

Book Review: The Atonement Child

Reviewed By The Lady 

Title of the Book: 

The Atonement Child by Fancic Rivers

A Brief Synopsis

A Dynah Carey’s faith is put to the test when she raped. Forced to deal with a unplanned pregnancy resulting from the rape.  Dynah’s well thought out and carefully lived life forever changed. Her family is forced to face issues and hidden secrets they thought they would never have to face. Dynah is faced with making decisions about abortion the life she now carried. And forced to rethink her stance on the issue of abortion.


Truly an intense read. This book make the reader think: about being right in the middle of a situation you could never have imagined. And you are faced with making decisions you never thought you would ever have to make. Reexamine what you believe is a fabulous strong marriage and then you question it. When suddenly out of the blue something happens that tests your faith, question your marriage, and your spouse. Wonder if you ever really knew your parents or grandparents. This book truly brings the issues to life and raw human emotion.


I recommend this book for several reasons. If you against abortion I believe you need this book to put perspective in to your thinking about abortion. I also recommend this book to those who are for abortion. Because once again it would put perspective into your thinking about abortion. I also recommend this book to those who have had an abortion, I think this book could be a catalyst to dealing with the aftermath of abortion. If you know some one who has had an abortion or you are planing an abortion, I suggest you read this book. If you are in the midst of a difficult marriage read this book. 

Further thoughts 

A truly heartbreaking story. A story of truly controversial issues. Sexual Abstinence, Lack of sexual abstinence and its consequences. Rape, and it’s consequences.  Pregnancy, and abortion, and the consequences of abortion.  Birth, faith, Marriage and it even hinted at divorce. This book shows how easily the decisions we make through out our lives have a ripple effect we often don’t see until it is too late. 

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