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Difficult people

We all know those difficult people. We all have at least one. Those people who are difficult. That person who makes it difficult to be around them. You dread them.  You can not please them, and the more you try the more frustrated and angry you get.

I could sit and tell you 10 reasons for people being difficult. Or I could give you a list on 11 way to get along with difficult people. However I think some times it is all about a persons relationship with God. I know so cliché right?

I don’t believe the difficult people are more spiritual or the other way around, however I do think it can be believed by those involved  one party is more spiritual. It is though, how we address and react within the bounds of our spiritual beliefs. Also, it is often our perception of what we believe  a person thinks of us. Which affects a relationship.


So I guess If I were to suggest a type of action spiritually speaking, I would say: realize we are all broken vessels and God has not fixed us all.  Therefore in the Light of eternity or on the spiritual plane is it going to matter? I know some times it is hard to do so, I often find my self pacing my porch having a conversation with God while I smoke a cigarette or two. (not one of my better habits) In the course of my conversation with God he often revels to me my faults (just what I want to know right?) and how I might have been the one to create the difficult situation. Sometimes that requires me to humble myself to that person and ask for forgiveness.

We are called to be light to a broken and corrupt world. therefore we are going to be tried tested and proved. It’s going to be a rose garden with all the thorns and thistles and the beauty. So some times God uses those difficult people to bring about a better you.


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