The Federal Trade Commission requires that I disclose any relationship I have between a product manufacturer or service provider. It States If write about or tell you about a product or service may or may not recive comasation for i need to tell you.

I have an affiliate marketing relationship with Ultimate Bundles and the products and services they create. Along with Canva, Convertkit, Amazon, Ziglar Family, And Matt McWilliams the Affiliate guy’s Products NPNP, and Ancestry. (Compleat as of 4/19)

I never recommend a product or service that I have not tried myself or don’t personally know how beneficial it is. These products and services are offered through out my content regularly also on my Recommendations Page.

Anytime a product or service is recommended by me, I make sure it is offered at the same price as it would be if it were not recommended by me.

Some of the products I recommend to help you are free, and in those cases, I usually am not compensated for those referrals.

If you are not comfortable with me getting paid for a referral, then please feel free to buy the product on your own by going directly to their website.

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