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Electoral Collage or One Vote

There has been time when the Electoral votes have seriously been a pain. I have on more then one occasion been force to accept the electoral college.

Electoral History

You can read the history According to Wikipedia. however according to my understanding the electoral collage vote was created in 1787.  Although  many would like you to believe it was to suit the slave owner however It really boils down  to the best choice with the least amount of resistance.  In other words compromise. To create a way to fairly and with little chance for corruption vote in a president.

Votes Count

Does one vote really matter? Yes! as I watched the recent election I realized each vote really does matter. each state had votes counted for Trump, Hillary and the other parties.  With all votes tallied someone won the popular vote for each state and it electoral votes. Granted an elector can change his vote from what the constituents have voted. However it  would be a bad judgement call on their part.

Should we fight

Four times in history a candidate won the over all popular vote yet lost the electoral college. Recently the electoral vote has been disputed and under attack. Many want to overturn the electoral college. I agree it is frustrating when the election does not turn out the way you want it.  However you knew the rules and a candidate lost. Find a way to accept the disappointment. My parents have two saying which are perfect for this time. I am unsure who said them first: when life hands you lemons make lemonade.  or: find the silver lining in the rain cloud. Let us all stand on the morally higher ground and expect the same for others regardless of your chosen candidate.

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