Family, Work and Government

Husband and I had discussions about money for the third week in a row. It seems we don’t have money for things that are needed. He works so I can stay at home and take care of the kids. We are one of the rare type of families who believes it is our responsibility to raise the kids and not pay someone or have the government pay to do the job for us.

Benefits to Working From the Government

A low Income family of two parents who work can have food stamps, Daycare assistance, earned income credit, as well as additiona14776257773_0fb8b19224_zl tax credit, and dependent care tax credit from the government. A two Parent low income Family with only one working the family is not eligible for dependent care tax credit also the additional tax credit and earned income credit is reduced because the taxable income is less. Therefore the government rewards families who work.

Coast to the Family

Meany families in the lower income bracket truly feel the condemnation of society if both parents don’t work. Every time I felt ridicule for not working I would do the math ($brought home by me+ $ spouse brought home – bills – loosed assistance – additional bills =  -$) it never added up for me to leave the home and work. That is not taking in to account the loss of loving stable environment and learning family history and traditions.

Daycare and the Government

Daycares receive money from the government for each low income child they have plus a stipends for food. Just like any Business a daycare also gets tax deductions and exemptions. The daycare is a job and most can walk away from a job there is no real attachment. I believe there would be less emotional problems and crime if there is a parent at home. I believe the Government could give money to family’s who have one parent who stays home to take care of the kids and it would  be less then the cost for them if my kids went to daycare.  but I chose stay home and give my kids my time. benefit of  my memories and traditions

Author’s Note

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What a plsrueae to find someone who thinks through the issues

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