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So, this article will be published on Thanksgiving. A time we celebrate. We all know the story of the pilgrims. But how many of us truly understand just how grateful they were to see the harvest from the fields come in.  

Reference point

The food from the fields was the main source of food. Hunting was the only other source of food. When I think of what it was like for those people, I often put it in perspective to where I live. the ship hits land in November and the provisions on the ship were probably running low. Here in September, the air is turning rather cold and it is hard to get warm. And it only gets colder. And there is not going to be any warmth to really speak of till sometime in March but even then, it’s still cold. The ground is frozen. In April you might be able to plant but it is liable to die because there is still a strong chance of frost, nights are still very cold and nothing grows here till just about May. Four more months although it is warm and it is barrable to be outside they still need to wait for the food to grow. I can’t imagine the sense of gratitude remember it not like you can go to the nearest store and pick up half a cow to feed to people. And I’m sure all the modern conveniences of the day were not theirs to use either. And I’m sure they were unfamiliar with what was eatable in the vegetation.  

Thanksgiving today

Thanksgiving today means visits from family members you may get to see only once a year. And let’s face it often you are glad you only have to put up with them that often. We overeat and sit on the couch trying to get past the uncomfortable over-full feeling. And sometimes we pick fights with relatives over issues that are 10 plus years old. We spent little to no time being thankful for anything, let alone the people in our lives. Often, we spend more time complaining about what is wrong with our lives, rather than finding something to be thankful about

We show our gratitude.  

So, let’s find something to be grateful for. To start you onyour journey of gratefulness. I want to share a video with you click here. Thislink is an affiliate link. Since it links to a free product it is likely to notlead to any monetary return for me.  However,with that said it would be a great start to the holiday season. And startfinding joy, gratitude, and appreciation forothers.

Call to action

Watch the video.  Then make a comment below and tell me who and what it is you are grateful for. what about the difficult people in your life? Can you findsomething to appreciate about them?  

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