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Gossip, Rumors, and Slander

I try hard to not make this blog a diary of my daily life. However it is often the things I see or experience that drives this blog. If I avoided every personal thing that happens to me or others around me I might not have anything to discuss with you. I try to turn them into lessons for us to learn from with practical application and real life experience. So A lesson in gossip, rumors and slander.

Thoughts on the Slander, Gossip, and Rumors

When I was a kid my mother was on a jury pertaining to slander. When the trial was over she shared how the one party started a story about the other party in the suit. The story was so horrifying to me I now avoid saying anything about another human being. Unfortunately it is common practice for people to talk about others. Often saying it’s just idle gossip, it means nothing. But it does  if your the one being talked about?

What is the Definitions

Gossip is idle destructive talk especially about the personal or private affairs of others. A rumor is “a tall tale circulating from person to person and pertaining to an object, event, or issue. Slander on the other hand is making false and damaging statements about someone as if it is truth.

What is the Problem

In my opinion the problem is we all like a good story. And what is better then a good juicy morsels of information we should not know. we all want a little black mail worthy stuff even if we never plan to use it. We even tell the information with out thought of who it might destroy. Although when the information is about us it is a different story. We are horrified or even saddened by those who feed the story or even started it.


So my Challenge to you is to ask yourself:

  • Is it about me?
  • Am I part of the solution? 
  • Am I part of the problem?

If  you cant answer yes to any of the questions my suggestion is to avoid the subject altogether.


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