Immigration and Boarder Control

Immigration during times of unrest
The Most Famous of immigrations issues which come to mind is the separates and the holocaust during World War 2. There is multiple view points on the subject of immigration and valid ones for the most part. No one wants to have blood on their heads or be considered heartless. And history can be a little harsh and unforgiving on the people of public life.

Children born To Immigrants
Recently in the news our president attempted to have congress pass his executive order on immigration. This immigration is concerning those who are already here in the United States either illegally or born here to illegal parents. I do truly feel for those who are born here but who have illegal parents this is very confusing.  I truly feel there is a better way to handle immigration.

Escaping War or persecution
Escaping war or persecution brings to mind Ann Frank. It is not a pleasant thought, a family wiped out because they were denied papers to come to the United States forced to live in extremely inhumane circumstances and eventually tortured and murdered. I’m not here to point fingers at anyone and lay blame for what happen to thousands of people the question is what can we learn. Can something of similar issues be avoided? Probably. How?

Avoiding Past Mistakes
The media of the world is constantly humming we can no longer pretend to know nothing about the people of the world. The United States can be followers or we can be leaders. Most of us would opt for a leader however most of those same people are quick to condemn when a situation does not go as they think it should.  Being a leader is not easy and it often brings about difficult decisions. Often war is a part of those difficult decisions. War is unpleasant and unfortunate but necessary and yet very costly.   We can no longer can ride on the coat tails of some of our previous presidents decisions good or bad for which the United State s was feared at one time. The United States is no longer feared. In my opinion I believe we need to be feared.

Because I said so
How often as parent do we say “because I said so” the nations of the world need to fear the United States in the same way as a kid fears his parent. “Because the United States says so that’s why” should be sufficient.  The United States also needs to stand with their allies therefore giving credence to what the allies say as well.  Therefore the United States and their allies should be able to state expectations to other nations and have those expectations adhered to.

At least 2 of my family member came through Ellis Island if not more. I don’t know how to fix the immigration issues. I do know this how we deal with immigrants does need to be fixed. I also know this if a person is not native American than their history is immigration.  Maybe we could have a place or places to hold and asses immigrants and their abilities who come here without the proper papers.   On the statue of Liberty is

Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

If we close the Borders then we need to scrub the engraving off the statue. Please understand I am not saying to let everyone come in to the United States. We need to be careful not everyone wants to come here to live the American dream.

Authors Note
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