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Looking Towards the Future of Uncertainty

The New year bring with it new things and often uncertainty.  As this year began we looked forward to  a  new President taking the oath of office.  Truly one of the most uncertain times in the nations history.

Certainty vs Uncertainty

Is it bad to have uncertainty ? No. Life is always full of uncertainty, it is what makes life interesting. The Bible says the only certainty we have is death. The bible also states we can call on the Lord in those times of uncertainty and he will bring us peace. In this new year and new president many feel uncertainty. Uncertainty can make us hold on to a faulty raft for safety.

Uncertainty Breeds Danger

With the uncertaintity we have seen hundreds of protests and riots. I believe the reason for all the protests and riots is because people feel uncertain about what the future holds.  the riots have put people in danger. There is nothing good to be gained by creating unsafe environments.

Uncertainty is a test of Morals

There might be uncertainty and it can help you grow in your life.  like I said before, life is uncertain however I believe it is a way to help us as humans to grow . Also for us as humans to learn to lean on the Lord instead of leaning on our own understanding.  Chose to be the best in an uncertain times.

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