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Making Goals Stick

Last week I talked about how we need to realize we are complex humans with multiple facets. In the article, we talked about making SMARTER goals. Because we multiply faceted. And we also discussed the need for Clarity for what it is we want to accomplish and how. I left you with a lot of stuff that might have felt like I was just dropping things in your lap. But I hope to help put it into action this week. After all it is still the first month of the year. We have 11 months, and a few weeks of the year left; let’s make them count. Let’s make this year memorable.

How to make Goals

You want to make goals that span across the spectrum of a group of being, relating or doing.
Group of Being – Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual
Group of Relating – Marital, Parental, Social
Group of Doing – Vocational, Financial, Avocational
And you want to use the acronym “S.M.A.R.T.E.R Goals” Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Risky, Time Keyed, Exciting, and Relevant
Like I said before this information has been adapted from Michael Hyatt’s 5 days to your best year ever. Let’s make some new year’s resolutions that stick and make an impact in your life and possibly the lives around you.

Example Goal setting

Clarity– ie: I want to be more physically fit I want to be a better parent and I want to spend more time playing with my family rather than working all the time.
Multi-faceted goals- I will use meal plans that have healthy meals each day. I will take a walk with my family each evening after dinner with our family dog. I will plan 2 major outings with my family this year and not cancel them.
Plan– I will Use the Healthy Meal Planer to plan my meals and have 14 of the next 21 meals planed one week in advance. And I will lose 104 lb by the end of the year. I will schedule the walk with my family in our family calendar and I will be able walk two full miles by the end of the year. I will schedule time away from work to attend our family outings.


In the example we address physical possible even emotional in the Group of being. The Goals also addressed Parental and possible marital in the Group of Relating. And in the Group of Doing we addressed the avocational. And they were S.M.A.R.T.E.R Goals because they were Specific what I wanted to address in my life. Measurable because I had a way to see if I was achieving it. Actionable, I stated just what I was going to do. Risky, because my heath makes it difficult for me to walk. The Goals were Time Keyed because I gave myself a time to achieve it by. Exciting and Relevant because if I maintain this goal it will change my life.
I Challenge you to make your life changing Goals.

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