Management in the Work Place

Quite often managers in the Christian Faith feel it is their duty to help (force) others be better Christians or even encourage (bully) a person into fallowing Christ’s commands. There are the Christian managers who out right bully like those who have threatened to write a subordinate up or even fire them. Or the manager who is extra nice to the non-Christians and requiring from them no standards yet punishes the Christians in the work place for lack godly work practices (as they see them).

Management in the work Place

Don’t get me wrong I don’t think As Christians we should keep silent but at the same time there is a way to make a point with out being a bully or forcing a person to your point of view. We are Called to Love Others where they are in life. Take Christ to them.
Recently I was asked by a reader about managing as a Christian. I truly feel that as Christians we are given a lot of guidelines on how to live our life or manage others. Therefore, if we live within those guidelines then we will do just fine in Management. That’s is not to say we as Christians don’t fail but that we, as Christians should hold ourselves up to a higher standard and not the other Christians around us. God will deal with them in his time, and his time is perfect, no matter what we think.

Who Live Like God Intended and Suffered

The first person that comes to mind is Joseph. Don’t get me wrong I have no doubt he had his flaws however, a lot of good it did him to resist temptation with the adulterous wife. He got thrown into prison for it. It did pay off though he was rewarded for enduring hardship without complaint. Joseph was put in charge of all of Egypt even the man who believed his adulterous wife over Joseph was put under Joseph.
And how about Daniel and the lion’s den. Or even Shadrack Meshack and Abednego. All these guys had to put up with bad decisions and evil (non-Christians) men. Or even Jesus and the religious leaders of his time.

Ok So what to Do

Treat others as you would have them treat you. Ok we have all heard it but we misunderstand it. We often turn it into treat others as you think they are going to treat you, so beat them to the punch. Right? Or How about I can do what I want, how I want cause I’m the boss? So, I think “if Jesus was in the room with you and your co-worker/ boss / enemy what would he think of what you are going to say or do?” Remember he died on the cross for someone who did not know his name or not yet exists. Also remember he knows. You have the choice the path that seems right to us fallible humans or the one Jesus carved out for us.

Final Thoughts

It’s not like I have all the answers but I believe the answer is in those stories. Or even in the bible, Mathew 5:3 -7:27. Or to shorten it how about just verse 5:3 Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. In other words, a bagger off the street does not think he can walk into the finest restaurant and receive the meal they just cooked to the Queen of England. Remember the right choice is usually the hardest one.


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