Marriage: Always in Research & Development
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Marriage: Always in Research & Development

Today marks 13 years of marriage for my husband and me. I won’t kid you, it been quite a ride. It hasn’t always been easy. There were a lot of hard lessons to learn. Nothing about marriage is easy though. Trying to get two people to agree on just about everything. Last week I wrote about About The Insurmoutable Problem with Marriage

It’s easy to think your the sane, normal, healthy one in the marriage and the other one is the problem. one time My husband and I went to a public Showing of the movie Fireproof and at the end of the movie you could purchase the book Love Dare. I bought the book because I was going to prove to my husband I know how to love someone better then he did. I laugh now but at that moment i realy belive it was true. The best book I could’ve ever bought at the time.

I have to credit a lot of people for the current success of our marriage. We had help from a lot of different sources. Some though didn’t consider the marriage sacred. And some didn’t think how the advice given affected everyone. However one of the most Profound books we have ever read was
What Every Man Wants in a Woman; What Every Woman Wants in a Man. A 2 in one book one side for the women to read and one for the man to read.

We got married at a later age . Which probably add to our difficulties early in our marriage (to set in our ways) . However we attended a married for life course. And this was begining of an adventur. I Smile thinking about all the stories I could tell you about how we almost didn’t make it through this course. Although it was difficult going through it at the time I wouldn’t change a thing. We often think we want a win, we want to have something better but yet we’re not willing to go through the hardships to get it. My husband and I joke about how we were before was a bit like the movie Mr And Mrs Smith.

The point is we can give up and say well I made it x# of years or we can get to the end and have others say wow you did x# of years. Marriage is not easy and it is not going to be the same as the days when you were getting to know your special someone. It not going to be roses and candle lite dinners. It gets boring and annoying, and then there is the gross stuff and the downright frustrating part of marriage. and there is programs and books with inciteful helpful tools. Yet if those inciteful and helpful tools are put into practice you will win and so does your marriage.

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