Marriage and the Heart

Once a gain I am apologizing to my readers for my failure to be consistent. I have been finding it heard to keep on my love for having a conversation with you. Today I as I was going though my morning routine I found myself waylaid by an article I feel I must share with you.  I have written on the subject  of marriage before. I think it is probably one of my strong triggers believing the failing of marriage is the failing of society.

About the Article

The article is amazing and hits the nail on the head. Written by Meg Marie Wallace she’s another blogger who is writing to encourage women to live purposefully for God and the good of others. Since I could not find a comment section I didn’t ask if I could put her article on  here for you my readers. However I will provide you with a link to her article on marriage.  I so want to  place it here for you to read as it is one of the best I have seen in a long time. I was encouraged so much that I immediately sat down wrote this letter to you.

Credit is Due

The place I ran into Meg’s article is a post from The Courage .  Here is Meg’s Link.  However like I said I also wrote an article a while back on marriage feel free to check it out also this article on marriage  .

Author’s Note

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