Be in the Moment Making Time Count With Others

One of the hardest things for me to do is “be in the moment”.  As a writer I often find my mind wondering and creating my next post or conversing with a character for a book. Seems like in the world of technology we find ourselves multi tasking often on menial things. It is called making the most of every moment. Are we making the most of every moment, using our time wisely? In today’s society we have more timesaving gadgets then any other time in history and yet we have less time for the people who are supposed to matter to us.

Time Management

My little one was attempting to ride her bike I found myself distracted by my phone trying to look up info which I would not be useful for several hours.  Finding a happy medium of kids getting the attention they need all while getting tasks done and the friends contacted and your emotional well being attended to can be difficult.   As a woman I find each day I have a long list of daily regular task often due to new tasks I must reprioritized multiple times during a day. As a result I often find it difficult to give all my attention to a moment in time.

Being in the Moment

Be in the moment means being mindfully aware of what is going on around you right here and now. Be in the experience with your heart and mind. This includes thinking about the past or future. One of the biggest parts of being in the moment is listening, listening to the conversation taken place with you. Hence drop the cell phone. Turn off the show or pause it. Quite thinking about the past and get in the moment.   Therefore I should be putting my attention on what is more important.

Good Listening

Recently one of my children learned what being a good listener is. Listening takes the whole body your mind your eyes and your ears. Also in collage my speech class spent some time talking about how to listen. It is noteworthy to point out listening is a major point of being in the moment. Forbs has a great article on ten listening skills. However here are some key points we use around the house:

  • Turn your body to the person talking
  • Make eye contact
  • listen to the whole comment/statement
  • ask questions /restate
  • Finally don’t get distracted by sights or sounds
Authors note

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