Money and Marriage is a Deadly Combination
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Money and Marriage is a Deadly Combination

Since I have been married a 13 years I know my husband and I have had a few disagreements about money. some were rather unpleasant. and with each kid the issues just became more evident. Marriage and money are kinda like to volatile substances mix the two and the whole thing can blow up in your face.

Get a Clear Picture

Now thats not to say having separate finances is an option. However both parties need to be fully aware of how each other feel about money. I wanted to give you some some of my way to save money. You need to get a clear picture of how each of you feel money should be handled. In Get more from your money (affiliate link)

My husband has been the sole income provider to the household and at times we had to make do with just what was minimum wage. I remember a few times taking my moms travel soaps she would give me and poring all the little bottles of shampoo in to one big bottle so we could have shampoo. And velveeta cheese boxes make for great silverware holders/ dividers.

Not a Financial Blogger

Now i’m not a financial blogger and i have no intention of being one. But i can tell you that as long as your spouse and you have difficulty handling money it is going to causing stress in your relationship. Poor management of money is usually the problem and thinking we have to have the latest and newest gadgets.

Great Ideas

Takisha Artis author of TAKISHA’S THEORY suggest Having a money meeting, this is where you review what you need to purchase the next week with intention. One of the things i have always done is ask myself if i can live without it. This great advice was also stated by Eileen Adamson from YOUR MONEY SORTED in the book  Get more from your money it free right now so go claim yours.

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