Murder is Murder

I feel like I have read something straight from Stephen King horror movie. In London a mother was granted the ok to murder her child. The story ran by6255447341_5b6cc1eeaf_o dailyrecords on July 31 .  I actually agree with the authors synopsis. For a quick over view. The mother took care of her severely disabled child for the past twelve years.  The child  was unable to do any care of her own or even talk.  According to the Mirror Nancy Fitzmaurice, born blind with hydrocephalus, meningitis and septicaemia, could not walk, talk, eat or drink. The Child allegedly would scream in agony according to the mother despite being given pain medication. Not one of us would agree it is much of a life to live. There is very little I could say more then the author. However I do disagree with the author on one thing.

Slippery Slope

We did not start down The slippery slope the day this ruling took place. However the slippery slope started the day the verdict for row vs wade was made. The Ironic thing is we have fought against this ideality of inferiority or Less then human. Remember the Holocaust and slavery. I shared this on my private Facebook page.  A person commented how they could not judge.  I agree it is not for any of us to judge people. It is a difficult life caring for a person unable to care for themselves. It is also hard not to feel sorry for either person in this situation.  However I do need to point out we are discussing the issue and not the people surrounding the issue.  Murder is murder no mater how you look at it, if you are talking about a life. Therefor be careful the slippery slope can lead a person down a path no one thought about.  As the author said in the article, who is next? Who will be mercifully murdered  all in the name of love and mercy?

Authors note

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