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Opinions We all Have Opinions Whos is Right

It seems we all have opinions on The President the who should hold office, what bills should be sighed. I know this sounds like a political post however it is far from it.

Your Opinion Matters so does Mine

We all have an opinion but what make yours more right then mine?  We all think there is undeniable proof someone else’s opinions are wrong. Long standing relationships can be ended over a difference in opinion. I don’t know if this is an official saying or quote but it bares repeating. “There is more then one way to the top of the building.”

Eliminate the opposing Opinion or Compromise

Recently I watched a Friends relationship end over a difference in opinion. Things were said it was not pretty and is likely never to be mended. All over a political view. Just because you believe the stairs are the best dose not mean some other form of reaching the top of the building is not just as viable or right.

Find the Common Ground with out Condescension

We Can all agree issues like peoples health  and the nations safety need to be address. How about we quit nit picking the little things and complaining about the handling of those issues. Common ground can’t be reached if all we see is our differences.  Lets agree reaching the top of the building is the point. How we get to the top is not really the problem. Right? Each opinion has a valid point. and if you believe in God Pray and Pray and Pray.

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