Politics versus Business

Politicians and politics

We all had that friend who is mousy, back stabbing, and always looking for what they can get out of the relationship. And  someone better to pray on. They the kind of friend you learn to detest. Politicians and candidates for public office to me are very much a leach looking for a better source of constituents. Politics, nothing quit like it. Just mention a politics and you can start a heated debate among friends.

How to Choose a Candidate

Often in politics it is easy to get hung up on the titles Democrat or Republican often we fail to look at the important things. how does the candidate feel about vital issues?  How does the candidate vote?  What is the moral and ethical values portrayed by the candidate? Often we here a certain word and consequently we deem them an appropriate Candidate.

Which Candidate to choose

Some time ago I read an article by James Patrick Riley which discussed this topic. I rather like his take on the subject. so who should we choose from the presidential candidates? Let us look at them one at a time.

Presidential Candidate Trump

Trump is a business man he see everything through the eyes of business. Trump knows how to talk a  multi million dollar deals. I believe his confidence often is misinterpreted. our country is based on commerce in other words business. who better to straighten out the money issues our government is facing.

  • hard on immigration
  • Build a wall
  • pro life
  • tax cuts for the middle class
  • stand against ISIS (Islamic zealots )
  • protect your right bear arms.
  • exempt your pulpits from IRS (allow preachers to speak out about Politicians )
  • end the death tax,
  • appoint Constitutional judges.

Presidential Candidate Clinton

I find this portion hard to write since I cant see many redeeming qualities.  As I said earlier about politicians I feel Clinton is very much a politician. Clinton is more concerned with covering her hinny then simply telling the truth. I actually think she is not even sure what is the truth. She is clearly a skilled speaker. She is clearly good at saying something which is easily explained anyway she wants especially if it means more constituents.

  • tax cuts for the poor / the rich
  • a wall/  no wall
  • soft/hard on immigration
  • pro life/pro choice
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