Sad I seem to be great at procrastination. I didn’t think I was but apparently, I am. On day two of a 500-word challenge, I stand folding laundry after a day on the road. I justify my actions saying but the laundry needs to get done. The pile of clean laundry is 3 feet tall and starting to fall on the floor. I understand this makes me seem like a bad mother But I have to tell you I have five people who expect me to do all of the laundry duties. I guess I kinda brought that ton my self. It not just the laundry.


Doing filing is not my forte. I also have Larg pile of filing I need to do there is just enough room on the desk for the computer and the keyboard. Sad isn’t it I know. I avoid the filing as well.

Although I may be a stay at home mom I have a lot of things I do have a lot of hats I wear. From taking care of my inlaws and my immediate family to the interests I am currently trying to learn.
I know I avoid the difficulty. I like things easy. When filling out paperwork I like the auto fill option but that is not an option when you have to do it by pen on paper. I’m terrible at spelling. If it was not for word perfect or other spelling and grammar help apps I so would not be understood. On time in an English class in college, I was told by a professor that one of the most influential known authors was not a great speller. It makes me feel better.

So back to procrastination. I always thought my husband was the worst. The worst I had ever met. Really I get to it before he will usually. And yet apparently I am pretty good ad avoidance myself. So what do you do about it? Throw your hands up in the air and say that’s just what I do. Too bad. I don’t think so. I think to combat the problem of procrastination a plan needs to be made. And stick to it.

What to do to avoid Procrastination

So in other words. Maybe my plan of action should be:

  • 8 am deliver kids to school.
  • 8:30 file
  • 9 am write
  • 10 read/learn
  • 11 am break…

Think about it if you just give yourself a small-time frame for the hated task you might just be able to talk your self out it out procrastination.

I want to hear from you

So if you got an idea of fighting procrastination tell me about it. You never know it might just be what someone else needs to hear. Talk about telling me something. I would love to hear from you. Tell me what you would like to hear about. Or even tell me what you don’t like I need your input I can only be as good as my audiences input. So thank you I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you and the time you give taking the time to read what I have written.

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