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Rules Laws and why are they nececary

Ok so it is the 4th of July once again and this will be my second post as The Lady. My first Post as about the Flag and respecting what the Flag represented. This time I would like to discuss the other side of the coin so-to-speak.  I want to talk about rules, laws.

Who Created Laws

The first mentions in history of a rule or law is right after God created Adam and put him in the garden (Gen 2: 15-17). this was the defining moment in history for mankind. Also the reason for the ten commandments given to Moses during the exit from Egypt.  The Commandments are written on our hearts according to Dut 6:6. therefore we can’t avoid them.

What it means to Have Commandment on your heart.

It means we are governed by the commandment affecting our actions and emotions.   According to Prov 19:16 if the commands are kept you keep your life. Therefore the statement “rules are made to be broken” is a fallacy.

How rules Pertain to freedom

Freedom is only free when we maintain the rules/laws God set up and the laws of our government. Choosing to ignore or fallow the Laws as we all know leads to prison/jail.  We all know that governments can be corrupt, but Jesus said to give unto Caeser what is Caeser’s. this means to me that if we feel that our government/official is corrupt then we need to pray for it/him/her.

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