Who or What is Responsible for the School Shottings

Today I have chosen to talk about the school shootings. This subject will probably be my most controversial subject. It might even make a few people feel as though I am pointing fingers. I want to state right now I am not pointing fingers but hopping to offer a solution that will be more productive then most of the other solutions I have heard so far.

Problem one

According to the media the biggest instigator of the shootings is  bulling/ cyber bullying. Although I will grant you the fact that bulling is a painful and even life changing event/ events. I highly doubt this is the sole factor for a person choosing to take the life of another human being.  If it was there would be and would have been a lot more school shootings. The other major factor for violence is family life; parents fighting, getting divorced, or a parent is sick. so the child feels that they cannot go to their parents to talk about their problems with school.

Problem Two

There has been a lot of talk about violent video games, and although I think they are a bit disturbing and might even help desensitize an already possibly disturbed individual who choses to take a life. I don’t however believe video games are the reason a person choses to wound or kill person especially those they have had dealings with in some way in their daily life.

Problem Three

As for guns are the problem. I would submit to you that there is nothing about guns that makes a perfectly normal functioning human want to pick it up and point a gun at someone and pull the trigger. How ever as it is a tool and a dangerous one at that it is imperative we find a way to insure they don’t land in the wrong hands

Conclusion /Solution

So with all I have said so far I must finish with this. I believe bulling, violent video games, and Guns all are a portion of or the symptoms of a greater problem . However addressing one of each of the symptoms is not the answer to the school shootings.  I would suggest to you the solution is more ground roots. I think it is imperative to have a family member available to these hormonal imbalanced adolescence. In other  words we can sit here and point fingers and blame but it really is I believe quite simple. they need to be listened to and cared about. Kids know that their teachers have a life and are paid to listen to them. However they would like someone who wants to spend time with them for nothing more then to be with them. I believe that would it make a difference in the would be killer.

So  our society is asking a kid to who is not able to regulate their emotions to do just that.  everyone needs a sounding board a voice of reason, a shoulder to cry on when things get tough. Yet Kids are coming home to a empty house and no one to listen to their day while it is fresh.  The good bad or the ugly they have no one to listen to them.

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