Are you Suffering From Sexualization

How many of you are like me, you see those adds of beautiful women; the woman who catches the best looking man, she wears those beautiful clothes but they leave very little to the imagination. The sad thing is that it is not just women in beautiful, and very revealing clothing, but also  young girls as well, wearing clothes that reveal more than most adults would feel comfortable in. You know what I mean we’ve all seen it. The advertisement with the little girl in the sexy outfit, girls and women in extremely short skirts and low-cut blouses. How many of us have even bought the low-cut jeans, the skin tight pants, or pants with something written on the butt; or even the shirt with some sexual comment on it. The sexualization of young girls and women is so prominent that we don’t give it much thought.  We don’t even realize what we are doing. We are desensitizing men and devaluing ourselves as woman. 


What is the Effect

Studies have shown sexualization inhibits the mental capacity in women, and there is also a strong correlation to eating disorders, low self-esteem, and depression. Furthermore decreased condom use and sexual assertiveness along with adult sexual dysfunction. The depictions of women as sexual objects in media has been shown to affect men, who find it difficult to have a meaningful relationship with a woman.

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What is Sexual Dysfunction

According to Web MD A sexual problem, or sexual dysfunction, refers to a problem during any phase of the sexual response cycle that prevents the individual or couple from experiencing satisfaction from the sexual activity. The sexual response cycle has four phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution.

What it means For Marriages

Research suggests that sexual dysfunction is common in 43% of women, and 31% of men report some degree of difficulty. This dysfunction is not about having a kink fetish. However is can be kink fetish but also it can be a lack of interest in your spouse. Or maybe it manifests itself as an overdrive for sex an insatiable desire. Therefore since sexual dysfunction seems to be common, most marriages are going to or are currently dealing with some sort of form of sexual dysfunction. It’s a fact. 

Irony of Sexulization

Women throw their hands up and cry “we’re being sexualized”. “Men look at us as if we are sex objects”. Yet we fall for the advertisement, buying the very thing causing ourselves to be sexualized/sex objects to the world.  We take pictures of ourselves in sexually enticing poses and post them to the world to see. Often showing parts of our bodies, yet when a comment is made about being sexy or referring to us as sexual objects we get angry. Furthermore, the very same people who are outraged by the sexualizing of women see nothing wrong with a poster doing the same to a man.

What Women Should Understand  

The thing is, men are visual people, therefore we as women should be thankful. While there is nothing wrong with being visually attractive. We as women must be aware of what our clothes say about us as women. Women should not be afraid to accentuate our assets. This does not mean put advertisements across out chest or our rears. Nor does it mean we should wear tight pants or revealing blouses. Women can be visually attractive while modestly accentuating our assets. We don’t have to wear unflattering clothes but we also don’t have to leave nothing to the imagination.  

What Men need to understand 

Men, we as women want to be pleasing to the eye. Women want our man to be proud to be seen in public with us. We fall for the advertising ploy that we won’t be loved if we don’t dress in a scanty fashion. Men, tell us we are beautiful. Tell us we are valued for more than our bodies. Ask yourself: What do I like/value about the females in my life? Make sure it has more to do with who they are on the inside rather than on the outside. Find someone who treats his wife with respect and talk to them. By spending time with them you can learn how to talk to females and treat them with  respect and as equals. 

Dealing with Sexual Dysfunction

So how do we deal with it?  Communication is our best defense. As Marriage today says sex should be fun, often, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Intimacy is a must between married couples. Remember sexual dysfunction and sexualization affects us all. And if you have young children in the home is it even more imperative you are aware of what they see and hear.  The more you are sexually honest and open with your spouse the healthier your relationship with be. And your children will see it and learn and more likely be sexual healthy themselves.  

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