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We’ve all seen it. the advertisement with the little girl in the sexy outfit, the woman in the extremely short skirts and low-cut blouses. We have even bought the low-cut jeans, the skin tight pants, the pants with something written on the butt, or even the shirt with some sexual comment on it. The sexualization of young girls and women is so prominent we don’t give it much thought to the point we do it to our selves and don’t even realize it.

What is the Effect

Studies have shown sexualization inhibits mental capacity in Women there also is a strong correlation to eating disorders, low self-esteem, and depression. Furthermore decreased condom use and sexual assertiveness along with adult sexual dysfunction. The depictions of woman as sexual objects in media. haves been shown to affect men, find it difficult to have a meaningful relationship with woman.

Irony of Sexulization

Women throw their hands up and cry “we’re being sexualized”. Yet we fall for the advertisement, buying the very thing causing ourselves to be sexualized to the world.  We take pictures of ourselves in sexually enticing posses. Often showing parts of our bodies, yet when a comment is made about being sexy or referring to us as sexual objects we get angry. Furthermore the very same people who are out raged by the sexualizing of women see nothing wrong with  a poster doing the same to a man.

What Should Happen

The thing is Men are visual people therefore we as women should be thankful and be visually attractive. As women we should not be afraid to accentuate our assets. This does not mean put advertisements across out chest or our rears. Nor does it mean we should wear tight pants or reveling blouses. Women can be visually attractive while modestly accentuating our assets

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October 23, 2016 at 6:57 pm

Any non C-level who has been at the same job for more then 5+ years is#n;8217&t qualified to give someone advice period. They likely have stagnated and are simply just bitter about the position they are in. I’m not perfect. I know I’m not and I don’t want to be that way. My fallibility makes me human. However, I do admit and try to learn from my mistakes. Enjoy your messy 30s people who seem to be perfect .

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