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Skepticism Good or Bad Character

We all want to know that what we hear is the truth. Unabridged and untainted truth. this never  more true then with the news. Right??I mean seriously who would not give a right arm for all of the news. Not a portion of the story or just the juicy tid bits. How much Skepticism do you have?

Character Quality or Fault

Skepticism often is not thought of as a quality one desires. Yet I believe it is a good quality to have. Skepticism is almost a requirement as you can never be certain everything you hear will be the truth.

A wise person once told me “if more then one person tells you the same thing. then it is most likely to be true. In my personal life I often use this theology. It can get convoluted.


Good friend of yours informs you guy you met is a real player with women and doesn’t want long term monogamies relationship.  Sister tells you she gets a bad feeling about him after a family dinner. Year down the road  seems to be flirting with woman at his work. He Explains his actions as “teasing her it meant nothing”.

I can go on with this scenario but we all know it is not good. I use the example of love because it is the one time when we all forget to use the  character quality of  skepticism.  It is not the only time we forget it we often forget to use it when it comes to political view point.  Or how about for those who have older kids. Use a little Skepticism when they tell you where they are going or what they have been doing. Does everything Jive?  as I was often told as I grew up “your actions will find you out”.

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