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The Act of Christmas

Often Christmas is filled with a lot of hustle and bustle and meaningless gifts. Filled with commotion. The thoughts what we can get and who will fill our wishes. And although we get gifts for others, we often think of our selves most. Right? If your honest with your self it is easy to be more concerned with your own wishes then others.


During the commotion of the holiday this year I realized I fall a little short on teaching my children the meaning of Christmas. It is not the time we spend with our family. Nor is it the time in front of the Fire. There would not even be a celebration for us if something meaning full had not happened on that night in Bethlehem. It does not matter whether or not it happened on a night at the end of December. Or if it happened in May that’s is not the point.

The Point

The point is Jesus. Given to man. All of man Kind. A present to everyone. From God. The significance may be lost here but let me try to explain it. It’s you getting the most fantastic most expensive gift. The one gift you wanted above all others. And the person who Gave it to you says “nope I don’t need anything… just seeing your gratitude is all I need”. And you can tell they mean it.

Food For Thought

So, Call to Action. What is it you are doing for someone this year and not expecting reciprocation? Im not talking about just this holiday. However, it is a good idea to do more at Christmas. But what about the rest of the year?

Places To Contribute

This is just a few places where your money could make a difrence. I wanted to provide you with places where you could spend your money and get a gift for someone and also sport a cause.

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