The Act of Freedom of Speech

It is amazes me if I should disagree with your form of freedom of speech and how you decide to proceed with your freedom, it is believed I have a problem with freedom of speech in and of itself. Therefore I felt the need to discuss Freedom of speech. I truly feel it is necessary to assert our right of that freedom often to keep our government humble.

Event triggers the act of freedom of speech.

Recent events have been boiling for over a year. A football player choose to use his position in the public eye to make a point. No one knew what his point was and unless you followed the sports news you’re likely not to find out. I have heard a lot of debate on the subject concerning this mans actions and very little about his intent or reasoning. Therefore my question is how effective was this mans demonstration in freedom of speech.

How to make an effective demonstration of freedom of speech.

To have effective freedom of speech a persons actions should be done in such a way that your meaning/ message and desired outcome is clear, along with a clear understanding of the grievance.

There is three different scenarios of freedom of speech.

The first: If I handed my son his homework and he proceeded to grab it tear it up throw it on the floor and says in an angry voice not right f****ing now.

The second : I handed my son his homework and he proceeded says in an angry voice not right f****ing now I got stuff to do.

The Third is: I hand my son his homework and he asks in a nice calm voice if he can wait till later to do his homework after I read this.

In the first scenario he is violently and doesn’t state reasoning and disrespectful. In the second scenario he is mildly violently and state reasoning and still disrespectful. In the third scenario he states his reasoning and is respectful along with a plan of action.

Powerful acts of freedom of speech

Paul of Tarsus a public figure stood for God and quietly went to his death and in so doing affected change.

Susanne B Anthony a woman who stood for woman’s rights. She and meany others caused change by standing. There is a long list of people who have stood for some thing. All of them standing and creating change.

My point

Make a stand. do something. Say it. Lead by example. Lend a hand. I’m not saying these statements figuratively I’m saying them literally. Had this public figure chosen to do something he very well might’ve made a bigger difference than he has made thus far. Instead of sparkling debates about the flag, anthem, or even respect of these items or the lives of those who have died for his right to freedom of speech. In short I don’t disagree with the act of freedom of speech but do it in such a way that it is effective and makes a difference.

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