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The Challenge

Today I signed up for 500 words a day challenge. Today is the first day of my next 31-days  of creating 500 words. I know this is not my usual type of content to tell you what I am up to but I thought you might want to know.

My Goal in the Challenge

My goal is:

  • one to be a better content writer.
  • two to get over my mental blocks
  • three to let go of my inhibitions and just creat.
  • learn more about what my readers want to hear/ see.

The inevitable outcome of the Challenge

Over the course of the next 31days, I would like to not only provide you with great content to read but also provide you with tips and tools to be a better you. In that endeavor, I hope to create a free ebook for you.  Eventually, create a full-fledged business where I can serve you.   I have always had a goal to encourage those around me and who read this blog to be all they can be morally living Gods will and thus having the best life.

Who Created the Challenge

The challenge was created by Jeff Goins probably one of the most influential men in our time and truly has the heart to help other writers. So if you have a desire to be a better writer check him out. a cording to Jeff writers write and although as a writer we do wish to be published you can not hope to attain that goal if you don’t practice. So practice and write, write and write.

Call to action

Tell me what it is you do what you love to do writing, reading, crocheting, Knitting, Gaming, or something else tell me in the comments I would love to hear from you.


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