The deadly shooting

We all woke up early the 12 of June Sunday morning with news of a shooting. 50 dead this includes the person responsible for the deaths and injuries of so many people. As usual I have taken several days to process this heinous and criminal act perpetrated on innocent people. In an attempt make sense I like most search for something or someone to blame ask myself is it guns? Or is the problem the Islamic religion and the extreme fanatics of ISIS? The Man responsible pledged his allegiance to ISIS in a phone call to 911. Isis claimed reasonability for the horrible act. At first look it seems we have an answer to the problem we could happily go on our way believing the problem is solved since the criminal is dead. Yet upon further inquiry we find the man was an American Citizen.

This bags the question why are Americans citizens joining the Islamic faith and Isis and turning their back on America and the freedoms they enjoy?   Some would say it is because of the access to social media essentially stating “Isis is cool”.
Christopher Dickey, a foreign editor of The Daily Beast, recently said on CNN that many recruits are young men in their teens and 20s. What draws them into the fight is a combination what he calls “TNT,” which stands for Testosterone, Narrative and Theater.

They are “almost all young guys,…they passionately identify themselves with some oppressed people,” and “they want to project themselves on the world stage,” he explains.

Their drive is a deadly combination of youthful fantasies and aspirations to “be someone.”

Obviously we can’t know what the driving force is for these people. Whatever the cause I think it is time to wake up America. America is not wanted or desired, we have flaws we are not perfect, and something has to be done.  I could go on about patriotism or the foundations and Ideals America was founded on but both of those subjects are too big to delve into on this post. However I think they will be cover at some point.

This post was meant to be a condemnation of the Ideals which lead to the deaths of so many. I don’t believe it was about black or white straight or gay and it is not about the gun issue either. Because there was white, black, gay and straight at that location. For this crime to be used to push the issue of how the LGBT community is mistreated is a crime. Everyone from every walk of life suffered a loss. We the people of each city state and community need to wake up America is not safe our home land has been over ran by the enemy and we can’t put a face too it.

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