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The Insurmountable Problem With Marriage

Happiness was never guaranteed to a single soul on earth. However, we can choose to be happy or we can choose to not be happy. The person we have chosen to spend our life with is not the person who can change weather we are happy or not. It really is all about “looking on the bright side”, “making lemonade with lemons”, or “Finding the silver lining”. I encourage you to make a difference in your mate’s life and in turn you will make a difference in your life.

Need For A Relationship

As humans we are not made to be alone. You choose your spouse to be a life partner. Have you thought about when you and your spouse were new to the relationship? You looked forward to hearing from each other and you also looked forward to surprising each other. If you are looking online and posting the need for someone to communicate with you will only undermine the marriage. However, this also proves you want to have an interpersonal relationship with someone. Choosing to Talk or spend time with someone other than your spouse will only add to the discontentment you are currently feeling in your marriage.

Love Language

As individuals we speak our love and frustration in a multiple of ways. And often not verbally. Without realizing it we are speaking frustration and disappointment to our spouse. Think about this how often have you spoken frustration to your spouse with your actions or deeds? Now, how often have you


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