The Need For Respite Care (Me Time)

One of the main reasons I started doing this blogging thing was because I wanted to help someone. I was not doing it because it was fashionable or the big thing or something like that. People use Facebook with the same idea. Sharing their opinions. Often it is short quick statements meant to demean or criticize someone for their belief system.

I am no different in feeling I have something of value to share. However, I believe I can say something without being belittling or demeaning. I believe that the word of God in its entirety is true and is our life manual. I believe my beliefs are right, and yet I know I am not God an all knowing all seeing all understanding being. Although there is room for improvement. As I grow in understanding and learn from my mistakes I find my views change. Or should I say improve? God has a wonderful way of revealing thing/truths to you through experience.

Need respite

Recently it has become clear I need to take some time to regroup. To take time to get my house in order. I need to take a small sabbatical and focus on my family. I need to mentally and emotionally take some time to get on track so to speak. I have been blogging for 3 years with little to no time off. I run the whole show. The research, development, content creation, Facebook and response along with emailing and responding to inquiries or comments. Along with running my own house. Both are a full-time job. Unfortunately, it is an impossibility to do two full-time jobs well. As a result, I have let my household chores slip. And we have new family relations to get to know thanks to DNA testing. I will fill you in at some point but for now, I need to take time to regroup. So I have asked a few wonderful and truly insightful people to fill in for me. I have lined up what I hope will be some truly enjoyable reading for you. Thank You so much for your understanding and patience while I get back to a healthy me mentally and emotionally.


My Guests do not necessarily hold the same views thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author (The Lady), at The Lady’s Soapbox however I hope you will find value in their content.


June 10: Victoria will be presenting her perspective on being a child who should have been aborted based on the standards of today’s society. Victoria is my daughter and I had her when I was 17 yrs old. She also is a mother. Until recently was a stay at home mother. She does not have a blog. However, she is currently working with Mentally challenged individuals. She is a constant source of inspiration to me.

June 17: Kathy the author of Go Mamma will be talking about the lessons she had learned. Kathy at Hey Go Momma shares her journey with you – all the joys and all the heartache. All the failures and all of the successes! Kathy invites you to come along for the ride! Maybe you will find out that what you never thought was impossible is really VERY possible!! She gives you a glimpse of the life of a wacky 59 yr old lady who should know better but rocks the boat anyway. It’s still a wonderful journey w/ups, downs & sideways! I have no doubt you will enjoy her article.

June 24: Rhonda from Focus on Eternity.

July 1: Alyssa from Alyssa Avant & Company. Alyssa has 9 plus years of experience working with online professionals and business owners. She has helped many authors, speakers, coaches, and counselors to build their online presence from the ground up. As a published author and speaker herself, she knows what it takes to be successful. She is published in the Inspired Women Succeed book, in numerous magazines, and on various websites. She is also the author of FaithLeaps: The Christian Mom’s Guide to Passion, Purpose, and Profits, and the creator of the Christian Charm School Workbook materials. I have no doubt she will provide us with something to think about and inspire us.

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