Mothers Day

What is the Point of Mother’s Day?

As I’m there trying to relax, my husband had to work. I hear it; the kids start screaming and cereal has spilled on the floor. Wonderful! I wait for them to work it out. Just when things start to die down. The ruckus starts all over again as someone starts to wail loudly. Something lands on the floor the oldest start yelling at someone saying they “need to clean it up it’s their fault”. The baby, who is six, hasn’t stopped crying.  I hear my son lose his temper. He has had enough and tells his sister “it’s her mess and she needs to clean it up. It’s not my fault”. I want to go out there and just duct tape all their mouths shut and get a switch and use it on their hind ends. But they need to work it out. They know it better be cleaned up before I come into the room, or at least they should. How many mothers can relate? Probably most of you face this reality that moms everywhere most often experience is anything but relaxing.

What I’m not going to do:

I’m not going to give you a how-to. This article is to commiserate with all the mothers of the world. It does get better. I know I have an adult child who is a mother as well. She calls me and asks me questions about raising her little one, wanting to know how I get things done when I have little hands making messes as fast as I can clean them.

History of Mother’s Day:

Although the history of the holiday is not what the Creator had envisioned for it. It is still a time for mothers to be honored. She wanted mothers to be honored for all the hard work and good they do as mothers.  Like most holidays it has become increasingly commercialized. Restaurants, florists, and greeting card companies make a lot of money off the holiday. I don’t think that is wrong, but wouldn’t it be nice if Mother’s Day came a bit more often? Or maybe a whole month of rest and relaxation.  

NO Rest for Mom:

I believe that there is something to be said about a woman who has made her place the home. She gets no rest from the petty disagreements of the little people who constantly look to her for something. And although, she has a great deal of influence in the lives of her children and husband, that doesn’t mean she feels that way.

Memories Can’t be Replaced:

I remember being with my mother in the warm kitchen, the smell of bread in the oven, homemade cheese and the feel of it on my teeth as it squeaked when I ate it. Fresh homemade butter, on a slice of warm bread and honey. Home cooked meals that were usually made with vegetables from the garden. This is what I would like my children to see and remember about me.

Uneducated Woman’s Work:

It’s not that I think work outside the home is not rewarding. It is! However, I think it can never be as rewarding as being able to raise my children.  Because I had a mother at home, I had a sense of security. Also, she was able to concentrate on teaching us kids a good strong set of values. My mother was not an uneducated woman. She did actually have some college under her belt before she ever got married. I don’t think that she ever felt that she had put her life on hold to raise her family. I remember that after her brood had started their lives as adults, she and my father went back to college. I believe for us, as their kids, it was the proudest moment of our lives. When we cheered our parents across the stage to take their diplomas.


If I were to dedicate anything to my mother, it would be the ability to cook and make a delightful meal out of whatever she found in the cupboards and/or freezer. By always considering nutrition, she showed just how much loved her family. I hope that I mirror my mother’s love. I would very much like to be like her. I remember her sacrificing small desires for the sake of her children and their desires above her own.

The Point:

I tell you about my mother to honor her. To thank her for her time and effort in mine and my sibling’s life.  Sometimes it is easy to look past our moms and not think of our moms as our hero. Most of us realize to late sometimes that our mom is the shining example of the kind of woman that we strive to be.  

Tell Me:

Tell me about your mom. Tell me how she shaped your life. Tell me how you differ from your mom. What is your favorite memory of Mother’s Day or of a day being a mother?

Share your favorite Mother’s Day. I know this is the day after Mother’s Day but let’s honor our mothers. Let’s figuratively shout it from the mountain top. Literally, tell the world about our mothers.   And if you have not called her then I suggest you call her and tell her how much you appreciate her.

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