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For my second post I decided to share with you a post I did back in 2003. At the time I was learning how to write code for web pages I needed text and decided to share what my desired position in a family unit. Little did I know I was doing what is now called blogging. Here is the post as it appeared in 2003

I believe that there is something to be said about a woman who has made her place the home. There are memories and a special place in the hearts of her children that can never be replaced. She is a woman that has a great deal of influence in the lives of her children and I believe her husband.
I remember with a great deal of fondness the memories of my mother. The warm kitchen, the smell of bread in the oven, homemade cheese and the feel of it on my teeth as it squeaked when I ate it, fresh homemade butter, and freshly cooked meals that were lovingly prepared. This is what I would like my children to see and remember about me. It is not that I think that work out side of the home is not rewording but that I think that it can never be as rewording as being able to raise my children with good strong set of values and a sense of security.
If i were to dedicate anything to my mother it would be the ability to cook and make a delightful meal that can show just how much I love my family. But I must say that that i hope that is not the extent of how I have learned to show my love for my family. I hope that I mirror my mother’s love that I would very much like to be like her in the fact that she would have gladly put her life on the line for anyone of her children. I remember her sacrificing small desires for the sake of her children and their desires above her own.
My mother was not an uneducated woman actually she had some collage under her belt before she ever got to the alter and I don’t think that she ever felt that she had put her life on hold to raise her family. I remember that after her brood had started out lives as adult she and my father went back to college and I believe that it was the proudest moment of us kid’s lives when we cheered our parents across the stage to take their diplomas.
I tell you about my mother because I think that of all the women that could have been my hero she was the one surprising one that I realized that i had. She is the shining example of the kind of woman that I strive to be even though I’m horrible at it and I hope to be that kind of hero some day to my children.

12 years later and I have been living my dream of being a home maker and a wife.  Little has changed, I continue to feel I can do more for my family by staying at home. Being at home has aloud me to take care of the multiple issues arising from having 3 young children in the home.

In a world of instant gratification my kids are learning how to be patient. There is no instant gratification in our house.  Although there is great joy when it comes to birthdays and Christmas usually because they are blessed with those items they have asked for.  It is not just the kids who wait. I do believe waiting does us all a bit of good. I am often asked about Debt. we Charge very little, we save for months for Christmas and I believe we are happier because we are not in debt.

Although my mothers kitchen had fresh baked bread and home made cheese my does not. I make most foods and hardly use the pre-boxed or caned items. My husbands taste buds often prefers the canned or boxed meals I assume from the years of bachelor hood.

My husband and I married in our thirties for the first time. We hardly had it all together but we most certainly had strong beliefs about how life should be lived. this has made for and interesting life, Having worked for the first fifteen years of my eldest daughters life I made it clear even before my husband and I stepped to the alter I would not work should we have any children together while  they were still young.   He agreed. I have to say though there are days I wish I could take the day off from work.

I plan to go back to school and finish my bachelors degree in Technical Communications currently in hold an associates degree. I do not feel I I’m being held back or putting my life on hold. I feel I’m giving my children the best opportunity at life.

Authors Note
Please like and share this helps my blog grow. Any comments would be greatly appreciated I love to hear from the people who are reading my blog no matter if they like what I say or not. Each comment help me grow as a writer also If there is a subject you would like covered please let me know.


June 9, 2016 at 12:09 am

While I agree that being a stay at home mom is the best choice for my kids I know that some mothers feel that they are providing the best life for their kids by going back to work. I know that some fathers prefer to be the full time parent.

    June 9, 2016 at 10:06 am

    Thank you for you impute. you bring up a valid point some men are great house husbands as a general rule however woman are the nurturers and men are the bring home the bacon types. I think a lot of women are socially pressured to return to work since it is just motherhood and some one can be paid to feed the kids and do the maintenance required forgetting a this person is also passing on values and traditions to the kids. please look for my next post on the 15 and be sure to share this one if you enjoyed it.

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