Who’s Life Who Chooses Who Doesn’t?

One of the most controversial subjects is Abortion. The arguments for abortion are many. In the show Star Trek the next generation the question of what is a life form a sentient life form. Data a Android was deemed property of Starfleet and there for had no more say in his life then a toaster an inanimate object. Therefore Data must submit to deconstruction and reconstruction for the sole purpose of making more of his kind. In the show “The Measure of a Man” a court hearing of sorts is in session and the question is asked what makes a sentient life form.  According to the show intelligence, self-awareness, and Conscience makes a sentient life form.

Who says not Viable

Intelligent Life form the sign of life today is determined by brain activity and it is said if there is no brain activity then the person is brain dead.  The 3166520949_b31875c53b_bbrain contains about 86 billion nerve cells known as neurons which are the “gray matter”. The Brain also contains billions of nerve fibers called axons and dendrites the stuff that makes up “white matter”. These neurons are connected by trillions of connections, or synapses making it possible for us to learn, and our body’s to perform critical functions like controlling the heart, breathing and consciousness and many other task we never think about. I read somewhere we are born with more of these nerves, axons, dendrites, and synapses then what we what we have when we die. If it is true we have more when we are born then when we die just how mean do we lose in between conception and Birth?

Emotional Choice Life

I could continue about with an intellectual reasoning for choosing life. However it emotional decision no matter how we look at Life. We choose a life partner because of emotion. We choose how to care for our young with emotion. It is the emotion from others that dictates how we react.  We feel a great sense of loss when a loved one dies, a person we have gotten to know. For many of us it is emotion which makes us cry for death penalty of a Serial killer and it is emotions we feel when discussing Abortion.

We could Discuss facts and statistics and prove intellectually how abortions are a bad decision. I could show you what happens when an abortion is performed. The sight would affect even the most stanched supporters of Abortion, or as they say the right to choose. And I could say that 50 percent of the persons affected by the decision did not get the right to choose. The point is I’m not here to judge. I know the thoughts and questions that go through your mind. It is now easy to see and know what to do when you can’t see the future.  The unknown, or your childhood can be the driving force behind what makes abortion seem like the best decision.

What to Do

Data was ruled a sentient life form. A machine but still a life form who is intelligent, self-aware and has a conscience and now with the right to choose for himself. Just know there is help out there. If you want to know more about the procedure or the development of the human Baby. Check out the fallowing website

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