Woman’s Rights and The Power of a Woman

Outside the republican convention a group of women were protesting for woman’s rights. As we were watching it my husband asks what is misogyny. We look up the definition to misogyny to find out it in this context the hatred of women. Without realizing it my daughter sitting there listening to the conversation between us and she responds I wish I was a boy not a girl. Upon hearing my daughter s response to political misrepresentation of women and their rights saddened me and made me realize I needed to help her understand her role as a woman and just how much power we have as a woman.

Women’s Power
I Just love the line in the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” where the mother tells her daughter “we are the neck that turns the head”. Without a neck a person’s abilities are severely limited. I think anyone with severe neck injuries would agree or even a stiff neck. I have often thought of a women’s power more akin to mortar and nails.  Mortar and nails are not often considered for their beauty or usefulness by the average person. However a builder would tell you no structure will be sustainable or useful without mortar or nails.

Where is the Hate?
What is it these woman’s rights activists seek? They spoke about abortions and jobs. Woman are expected to hold a job now and forgo the job of raising a family. When applying for a job a woman is given preference over a man, and if the woman is Black or Hispanic  then she is given even more preference over a white women. Abortions are legal now what more do you want.

What we have given up
Women have given up a lot just looking for woman’s rights and equality. Women used to get a cautious driver discount because in general women tend to be more cautious drivers. It seem the only hope for a woman who is stranded on the side of the highway now would be triple A.  Men no longer offer assistance to a woman because they have been trained.  Women still dream of a “Knight in Shining Amor” but we women have told men with our actions and words we don’t want or need a Knight.

Affecting Change
Want a Change in how woman’s rights and how woman are viewed and treated start at home teach your children the God given differences in women and men. Teach your sons to respect women. Teach your daughters to stand up for herself. Help her be gracious and accept assistance from men it will not make her weak.

Authors Note
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