About Me

Thank you for coming to my page. This page is where I share my point of view and encourage an upright and moral living and upholding your Godly values. I am so glad you came.

Who Am I

I am a full time home maker and mom I have four children and one grandchild. I am a very conservative opinionated person.  Without realizing it I have been blogging since before it was popular. I am a writer and have been a writer since I knew how to spell. As a Kid I drove my mother nuts reciting lines of movies or even commercials.

My Belief’s

I believe in the Bible.  I take to heart the  verse Titus 3:9 not to engage in frivolous arguments; therefore I started this website to encourage those who believe in Jesus to live according to his precepts, and for those who don’t believe in Jesus I hope to show his love and  present Gods will in a loving  and non judgmental manner.

Author’s Note

The information provided will not be sold. I will not contact you other then to send you my regular posts if you sign up for them using the subscribe form. You will find the subscribe form on the right of your computer screen or almost the first thing you see on a smart phone. The only other reason contacting you is if you requested a reply. I personally hate spam and will not make you deal with spam either. Please like and share my blog also if you like my Facebook page you will be informed of new posts. I enjoy reading an opinion comment below.  If you would like to discuss any particular subject please let me know.

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