Life Changes and What is your Response

How are we Going to Respond to Life's Changes
I can honestly say sometimes I have to convince my self to handle life's ups and downs in a positive manor. Smiling is not always my first choice when difficulties come.

Reflection New Year Towards Uncertainty

It is a new year and we all want a better year then then the last. Better health, better relationships, lets face it we just want to improve anything we can right. I mean who wants to keep in the same rut they currently are in? Think of it as readjusting. Getting back on track.

Stewardship A Character Quality to Live by

What is Stewardship
Stewardship is the responsible planning and management of resources.
Love is in the Air Who is the Author Although it is unavoidable to talk about love with out mentioning the Author.Skepticism Good or Bad Character Skepticism often is not thought of as a quality one desires. Yet I believe it is a good quality to have. Skepticism is almost a requirement as you can never be certain everything you hear will be the truth.Electoral Collage One VoteDoes one vote really matter? Yes! as I watched the recent election I realized each vote really does matter. each state had votes counted for Trump, Hillary and the other parties.  With all votes tallied someone won the popular vote for each state and it electoral votes.

Opinions We all have Opinions Who is Right

Your Opinion Matters so does Mine. We all have an opinion but what make yours more right then mine?
Determination in the Face-DifficultiesPlan for the Vote Use Your Voice
Looking Towards Future of UncertaintyIs it bad to have uncertainty ? No. Life is always full of uncertainty, it is what makes life interesting.

Problems Your Fault My Fault>

The Fault is Not Yours. Its someone's fault, right? Its my mothers / fathers/ grandfathers/ grandmothers fault.
Economics and PoliticsWho's money should the government use to run the country?
Beliving You Have ValueValue , self worth, self esteem,  all very vague and abstract concepts. right This one is too conceited that one  does not understand her value.Familyvs the Mad Rush of Black FridayWhen did saving money on the upcoming holidays trump spending time with family?
Future Political Truth DetectorsAll to often we vote fulfill our personal agendas forgetting there is real issues to be dealt with.
Rekindling Relationships New YearThankfulness vs UngratefulnessReligion and Politics
My Versions of the Presidential DebateIsis In PoliticsSexualization
Be in the Moment Making Time Count with OthersPolitics Versus BusinessKeep the Fire Going in the Relationship
Murder is MurderCommitment in Life Commitment to the GameWho's Life Who Chooses Who Doesn't
Family Work and GovernmentWomans Rights And the Power of a WomanWhere is the Fire
Freedom and the FlagImmigration and Boarder ControlThe Deadly Shooting
Where I Want My Place to BeAnyone Heard of the Movie-Wag the Dog
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